Grimsby Film Trailer


Grimsby, or The Brothers Grimsby if you watch it in America (what?), is currently enraging us at the Film Rave because it’s set in the town where we are based, good ol’ Great Grimsby, greatest fishing port in the UK at some point in the past, once upon a time. No longer, though. Anyway, we can’t bring ourselves to introduce the film, or even watch it, for that matter, so we’ll say no more and let you digest the trailer… all we will say is, Ukrainian Ben Affleck! What? No, sorry, don’t digest it; once consumed, make yourselves throw up and then jump in the shower.

Mark Randall
Founder of the Film Rave, Mark Randall is a teacher of English Language, Literature and Film Studies, who also works as a writer and editor. He loves watching movies and reading novels, particularly horror, science fiction, and that sublime space between them known as speculative fiction. He is currently working on a collection of short horror stories, a horror novel, and several horror and SF screenplays. He lives with his partner, and two cats.


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