Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Deadpool: A Superhero for the Laugh-Out-Loud Generation

Reynolds slips into a character he was born to play and provides the Deadpool film its fans crave: full of violence, crude jokes, and drive-by...
the martian film review

The Martian Review: A Sharp Tale of Human Survival and Ingenuity

The Martian's brilliant script sees Matt Damon as Robinson Crusoe on Mars in Ridley Scott's sharply crafted sci-fi. The Martian is based on Andy Weir’s novel which,...

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Django Unchained Film Review

Django Unchained Film Review

Django Unchained just might prove that Tarantino has regained his form, or not. So, has he regained his form?This is a question many critics...
Dredd Film Review

Dredd Film Review

FOR A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE to be considered successful, and therefore spawn a sequel and become a franchise, it has to at least double its...

The Witch Film Trailer


Deadpool Film Trailer

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